Classes Taught by I-Chen Wu

Courses taught in the past five years.
  • Theory of Computer Games (電腦對局理論)
  • Network Programming (網路程式設計)
  • Deep Learning and Practice (深度學習與實務)
Courses taught earlier.
  • Algorithms (演算法)
  • Cloud Computing Systems and Applications (雲端計算系統與實務)
  • Advanced Java Programming (高等JAVA程式設計)
  • Massive Multi-player Online Game Programming (多人線上遊戲程式設計)
  • Internet Technologies (網際網路技術)
  • Data Structures (資料結構)
  • System Programming (系統程式)
  • Parallel Processing (平行處理)
  • Programming Languages (程式語言)
Now, all materials for the current courses are located in